Art Fair Ph '23: Undercurrents

In nature, undercurrents move in a different direction to that of the surface. Within us, they may be emotions, affects, and energies veiled by the course of everyday life. Some flow quiet and subtle, others surge heavy and deep.


Christine Chung’s Gyopo reframes the process of grieving from one of distant isolation to an act of quiet reverence, bringing forth the sanctity of familial keepsakes and the cultural norms of loss.

Christine Chung

Geric Cruz followed the currents and characters of Manila Bay, revealing its in-betweenness. “I felt like it was purgatory.”

Geric Cruz

Kristelle Ramos explodes appearances in these truth-telling, collaborative portraits.

Kristelle Ramos

Still life images become portraiture in Dianne Rosario’s examination of the lives of her relatives, both here and gone, in search of words unspoken.

Dianne Rosario

Voice tapes, collages, and letters connect Demie Dangla with her father, a migrant worker in 1990s Saudi Arabia.

Demie Dangla

Renzo Navarro stages the softness of fresh flowers against the semi-rigidity of bent paper clips and stretched nylon to materialize the tension that comes with aging in Growing Pains.

Renzo Navarro

Looking for patterns in a game of chance.

Eric Bico

"Behind bullish development lies quiet days": Jed Bacason finds strangely familiar perspectives in the desert landscapes of the Northern Emirates.

Jed Bacason