Jed Gregorio


Jed Gregorio (b. 1990) is an artist whose broad artistic practice encompasses photography, filmmaking, installation, and performance. Often informed by the politics of religiosity, masculinity, and post-Internet art histories, Gregorio’s free-ranging poetics manifest as serial and anthological projects spanning multiple platforms, exhibitions, and diffusions. Each operates in a hermeneutical cosmology developed through hyperfictional and multimedia strategies — from discrete works in assemblage and sculptural installation, to spatially expansive milieu constructed with images, objects, sound, and light.


Fractured planes and sliced images make up Seven Studies for Horizons, a series of collaged portraits by Jed Gregorio where he explores subtle intimacies and phantasmatic spaces.


The mythical faun has been brought to life many times: a poem, a ballet, and a piece of music. Jed Gregorio transposes these into a study of masculinity performed in the midst of oneself.