Cenon at Mav


Employing a unique cast of characters — like frogs from the princes’ garden, lolling farmers Ate Virgie and her husband, or the amorphous creatures of their own cosmology — Cenon at Mav will share you a story of dreams. Locality and Philippine ideology are an invisible undercurrent in their work, drawing from their implicit personal histories and roots in Laguna and Nueva Ecija. Often employing humor, quirk, camp, and kitsch, they understand both ugliness and beauty, reconciling two opposing ideologies (almost as a form of rebellion): comedy and tragedy, beauty and truth, of living in a country filled with contradictions. Often collaborating within the art world, media and fashion, theirs is a practice of Idèe Surrèalisme in pursuit of expressing their own truth in a photograph.


Combining objects, colors, symbols and titles, Cenon at Mav conjure rich worlds to wander through.